Leading Republicans Support T.J. Fabby


We knew it would happen, and now it’s here. Our opposition is stooping to typical Austin negative politics to try to drown out the positive momentum of our campaign. I need your help today to make sure they don’t succeed and that our message of Faith, Family, and Freedom continues to reach the voters of District 10.

We knew the attacks would come, but what is most telling is the words they’re using and the things they’re trying to attack me for. They’re saying that my promise to stand up for the people of District 10 and oppose status quo special interest politics is “obstructionist.” They’re criticizing me for supporting the same principles of liberty on which this country was founded. They’re even attacking me for supporting Senator Ted Cruz’s historic stand against Obamacare, and using typical Democrat talking points to do it!

Inexplicably, the opposition seems to think the people of District 10 would agree that Obamacare is a good idea, or that government growth should not be opposed. But the reality is they’re only interested in people who will go along with the Austin establishment status quo, and they haven’t taken the time I have to get to know the people of this district and what’s important to you.


Meanwhile my campaign continues to receive the endorsements of conservatives both here at home and across the state. We had a great evening last week at our fundraiser and we were encouraged by the continued support of conservative champions like Jonathan Stickland, David Simpson, Giovanni Capriglione, and Matt Rinaldi.

Rep. Stickland talked about how critical this race is for the state of Texas. He talked about the need to continue to obstruct big government liberals and conservatives who don’t have the liberty and best interests of the people in mind. He talked about the work I’ve already done standing up for your rights both at home and in Austin, and how much it scares our opposition to think I might be able to join him in the House and continue this fight as your representative.

View Rep. Stickland’s full remarks here:

Matt Rinaldi spoke about how much work is yet to be done in Austin. He talked about the fact that despite our near-supermajority in the House, a majority of the bills that passed last session were authored by Democrats. Some of these bills that our House passed were almost identical to bills that failed to pass the Democrat-controlled US Senate! Friends, I do believe that the Democrat agenda needs to be opposed, and I promise to obstruct it at every turn if selected as your representative.

View Matt Rinaldi’s full remarks here:

We also heard from County Commissioner Paul Perry and Reps. David Simpson and Giovanni Capriglione.

View the full video playlist here:

We know that this race is deadly serious to the Austin establishment, and these attacks are only going to increase. With only a month to go before the election, I need your help more than ever to prevail. Please come along side me and stand with me today. Volunteer your time to knock doors or make phone calls if you can, and send your most generous donation to help us send mailers, buy signs, and man polls.


I know that the current economic climate is difficult for many of us. But nothing worth having comes without a cost. My family and I have already sacrificed greatly for this campaign, and we will continue to do so. We are doing this not for our own benefit or glory, but because we truly believe government is out of control and we must do all we can to put it back on its proper course. Our lives will not improve and our families, our savings, and our liberties will not be safe until we do.

Please stand with me today.

In Liberty,

T.J. Fabby

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