Setting the Record Straight

As most everyone in HD 10 knows, the last few weeks of the runoff campaign became extremely negative. It began with the primary newspaper in the district delivering a short but sharp jab at me and our campaign in their endorsement of Wray. That was followed by a litany of mailers which came out nearly every day attacking and maligning me. Many of these were particularly distasteful, and numerous voters told me I got their support simply because of the tactics the Wray campaign and its supporters were using, but the negative media, mail, and email campaign did work as many voters believed the distortions and lies. During the run-off election, my campaign and I made a conscious decision not to retaliate or rebut these negative claims for several reasons:
1) We were committed to a positive campaign based on the message of liberty and state sovereignty, and were not willing to let our opposition re-define the campaign to be about negative things.
2) It was highly likely any rebuttal we made would simply be met with another misrepresentation, and the expectation would then be set that we’d need to respond to that as well.
3) We simply did not have the funds John Wray had to engage in a constant back and forth he-said/he-said campaign, nor did we think the voters had any interest in seeing that.

Now that the campaign is over, however, I would like to set the record straight on a few things. I hope I can do this without expecting the winning campaign to feel the need to keep arguing. At the start of this campaign I met with John Wray in person. I told him I was committed to a positive campaign and hoped he would commit to the same. He gave me his word he would, and we shook hands on it. I don’t particularly believe he kept his word to me, and can only hope he will better keep it to the citizens of District 10 as our representative. To the record:
1) I am not a bigot, nor am I religiously intolerant. I can certainly see how some might draw that conclusion after reading the way I was selectively quoted by the Dallas Morning News after they decided to support my opponent. I offer my sincere apology to anyone who was hurt or insulted by those words. Those words do not reflect my heart or my love for liberty and my fellow man. What they didn’t quote in that article were my repeated statements that my concerns with a certain donor to my opponent have nothing to do with his religious beliefs or his money. I support religious freedom for ALL Texans. I believe that religious freedom is essential for any free republic and that we should guard against those who would threaten religious freedom. The donor in question is free to believe what he wants and to support those he believes will represent his interests. That is what liberty looks like. My concern is that he is one of several supporting John Wray who have repeatedly supported candidates and elected officials whose records are not those which support liberty, state sovereignty, or the best interests of all Texans. He’s free to support John Wray, but I believe this says more about the structure of the establishment than anything else. It has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with statist politics and big government politicians.
2) I do not advocate for people using marijuana or other drugs. The mailer suggesting I’d be in favor of school children selling drugs to each other was particularly disgusting. I believe drug use is a problem in this country, and I have no interest in seeing Texas take the route Colorado has taken. I also believe, however, that our current big government solution to this problem is not working. I do not believe it is useful or moral to arrest 18 and 19 year old kids who have made a stupid mistake and put them in prison with real criminals. I believe it’s foolish to do that and then be surprised when those kids come out as real criminals themselves and cost the tax-payers more money in the long run. I believe we need to have the courage to have an honest conversation about this issue and find a better way to help kids who have made mistakes without throwing their lives away or growing the police state beyond all reason.
3) I’ve NEVER wanted to reduce, alter, or get rid of teachers’ retirement. The Austin establishment plays political games with this issue all the time and I find it despicable. They fund every minor thing they can in the budget before they fund education or teachers’ retirement because then they can ask the people for more money to cover those critical things and we will comply. No one will agree to raid the rainy day fund or issue bonds to cover bingo machine inspectors or green school buses, but if those things are already funded we will agree to let them take more money to pay for teachers. That practice is what I am opposed to. Last session several legislators who endorsed my campaign attempted to move funding out of those other programs and put the money in teachers’ retirement first. They were stopped by Jim Pitts and others, several of whom now attack us claiming we oppose funding teachers’ retirement. These allegations are simply lies and a direct reversal of reality.
4) I have never stated that I want to eliminate or even alter the pledge of allegiance. I do have a personal problem with the word “indivisible”, however, and I believe that anyone who believes in the founding of our nation should have the same problem. Both our nation and our state were born from division. The 13 colonies divided themselves from England and Texas divided itself from Mexico. The time may come when Texas must do so again, but I do not advocate for secession at this time. I believe we must fully assert our state sovereignty before we ever consider secession. However, as I stated before, I have no intention or desire to change or alter the pledge, I just choose not to say “indivisible” when I recite it.

This election is over, but the day is coming when the voters in this district and others will open their eyes to the campaign tactics of deception and misrepresentation and finally understand the truth. When that day comes the statists will find no audience for their lies, and we will once again finally have government that represents the people and exists to protect our life, liberty, and property.

In Liberty,

T.J. Fabby

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Leading Republicans Support T.J. Fabby


We knew it would happen, and now it’s here. Our opposition is stooping to typical Austin negative politics to try to drown out the positive momentum of our campaign. I need your help today to make sure they don’t succeed and that our message of Faith, Family, and Freedom continues to reach the voters of District 10.

We knew the attacks would come, but what is most telling is the words they’re using and the things they’re trying to attack me for. They’re saying that my promise to stand up for the people of District 10 and oppose status quo special interest politics is “obstructionist.” They’re criticizing me for supporting the same principles of liberty on which this country was founded. They’re even attacking me for supporting Senator Ted Cruz’s historic stand against Obamacare, and using typical Democrat talking points to do it!

Inexplicably, the opposition seems to think the people of District 10 would agree that Obamacare is a good idea, or that government growth should not be opposed. But the reality is they’re only interested in people who will go along with the Austin establishment status quo, and they haven’t taken the time I have to get to know the people of this district and what’s important to you.


Meanwhile my campaign continues to receive the endorsements of conservatives both here at home and across the state. We had a great evening last week at our fundraiser and we were encouraged by the continued support of conservative champions like Jonathan Stickland, David Simpson, Giovanni Capriglione, and Matt Rinaldi.

Rep. Stickland talked about how critical this race is for the state of Texas. He talked about the need to continue to obstruct big government liberals and conservatives who don’t have the liberty and best interests of the people in mind. He talked about the work I’ve already done standing up for your rights both at home and in Austin, and how much it scares our opposition to think I might be able to join him in the House and continue this fight as your representative.

View Rep. Stickland’s full remarks here:

Matt Rinaldi spoke about how much work is yet to be done in Austin. He talked about the fact that despite our near-supermajority in the House, a majority of the bills that passed last session were authored by Democrats. Some of these bills that our House passed were almost identical to bills that failed to pass the Democrat-controlled US Senate! Friends, I do believe that the Democrat agenda needs to be opposed, and I promise to obstruct it at every turn if selected as your representative.

View Matt Rinaldi’s full remarks here:

We also heard from County Commissioner Paul Perry and Reps. David Simpson and Giovanni Capriglione.

View the full video playlist here:

We know that this race is deadly serious to the Austin establishment, and these attacks are only going to increase. With only a month to go before the election, I need your help more than ever to prevail. Please come along side me and stand with me today. Volunteer your time to knock doors or make phone calls if you can, and send your most generous donation to help us send mailers, buy signs, and man polls.


I know that the current economic climate is difficult for many of us. But nothing worth having comes without a cost. My family and I have already sacrificed greatly for this campaign, and we will continue to do so. We are doing this not for our own benefit or glory, but because we truly believe government is out of control and we must do all we can to put it back on its proper course. Our lives will not improve and our families, our savings, and our liberties will not be safe until we do.

Please stand with me today.

In Liberty,

T.J. Fabby

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You’re Invited!

You are cordially invited to a fundraiser in support of T.J. Fabby, Republican Candidate for State Representative District 10.

Date: April 22, 2014
Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Location: Waxahachie Civic Center, 1950 North IH-35 East, Waxahachie, TX 75165
RSVP: Use form below to RSVP & purchase tickets. Additionally, you may email or call (817) 988-6927 to RSVP. Tickets may also be purchased at the door.

Come support T.J., and meet some of the most conservative leaders in the Texas House!

$60 per person or

$600 for table of eight, with one State Representative

*If you do not have a PayPal account, choose “Check out as a guest” under Login button.

Guest Speakers
Rep. Jonathan Stickland, HD92
Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, HD98
Rep. David Simpson, HD7
Republican Nominee Matt Rinaldi, HD115

Rep. Matt Krause, HD93
Rep. Charles Perry, HD83
Rep. Jodie Laubenberg, HD89

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#1 Conservative Jonathan Stickland Endorses TJ Fabby for State Representative

Jonathan Stickland, #1 rated conservative legislator, endorses TJ Fabby

Jonathan Stickland, #1 rated conservative legislator, endorses TJ Fabby


Hot on the heels of our endorsement by Representative David Simpson, I am very pleased to announce that we have also been endorsed by Representative Jonathan Stickland, the #1 rated conservative legislator statewide according to multiple leading conservative organizations.
Rep Stickland’s endorsement reads:

“Candidates who talk the talk are easy to come by, but those that will walk the walk after they get to Austin are hard to find. We need strong-willed representatives who know what they believe and will stand up for it when the pressure is on if we want to take our state back from fake conservatives and special interests. T.J. Fabby is exactly that kind of person, and we need him in Austin.”

“I am very proud of what we accomplished in the 83rd legislature, especially the legislation we passed to protect the lives of the pre-born. T.J.’s help as a volunteer fighting to get that legislation passed was much appreciated. I look forward to returning to Austin with T.J. as a member of the State House of Representatives and continuing our fight to make sure the legislature upholds the conservative Republican values of the people of Texas.”

Rep Stickland has done great work in Austin defending our conservative values and standing up to special interests and those in our own party who work against us. I am honored that he believes I will be the same kind of representative and look forward to working with him and others in Austin who share our values and beliefs.

Please remember to get out and vote, and remind your friends, family, and neighbors as well. Early voting is going on right now through February 28th, and election day is March 4th.

In Liberty,

T.J. Fabby

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David Simpson Endorses T.J. Fabby

David Simpson and T.J. Fabby visit with one another at an event last September.

David Simpson and T.J. Fabby visit with one another at an event last September.


I am honored today to tell you that State Representative David Simpson has endorsed our campaign to represent House District 10. Rep Simpson was elected in 2010 and immediately made a name for himself standing up to the Austin establishment in support of the liberty and values of the people of Texas. In the 2013 legislative session he continued to distinguish himself and provided guidance to the new conservative freshman class as they continued the fight to make our Republican pro-life and pro-freedom principles the law and to reduce spending and taxes.

Rep Simpson’s endorsement reads: “Effective public servants love liberty– not just their own, but their neighbors’ liberty. They listen to and learn from their fellow citizens. They put them first–not their careers, not the government. T.J. Fabby is a true public servant who has served his community as a dedicated volunteer and a successful entrepreneur. I am grateful for this opportunity to stand with him whether he is fighting the encroachments of the federal government on Texas, or standing for the rights and property of everyone and not just the powerful in Austin. T.J. Fabby has served and will serve the people of District 10 and Texas very well.”

It has been an honor to work with Rep Simpson as a grassroots volunteer and supporter over the last several years, and it will be an even greater honor to work with him as a colleague in the Texas House of Representatives.  You can view the rest of our endorsements at

Please remember to get out and vote, and remind your friends, family, and neighbors as well. Early voting is going on right now through February 28th, and election day is March 4th.

Our campaign is still in need of a few more volunteers to help man polling locations and make phone calls to get out the vote! If you can volunteer, please give us a call at (972) 937-8733.

In Liberty,

T.J. Fabby

P.S. If you haven’t connected with the campaign on Facebook, please take a moment to like and share our page:

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Texans for Fiscal Responsibility Endorses T.J. Fabby for HD10!


Waxahachie, TX – In advance of the 2014 elections, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility has endorsed T.J. Fabby in the election to fill the open HD10 seat.

“As a successful entrepreneur, T.J. Fabby is a strong conservative who will put Texans first,” said TFR president Michael Quinn Sullivan. “T.J. Fabby will fight for the values that Texas families hold most dear. He will be a legislator who can be counted on to oppose new taxes, fight for a stronger Texas economy, and limit government spending.”

“I’m thankful to receive this endorsement,” said Fabby. “Texans for Fiscal Responsibility has fought for limited government for years, and I look forward to joining that fight and pursuing policies that allow Texans to flourish.”

HD10 is an open-seat race following the decision of the incumbent, Jim Pitts, not to seek re-election. A complete listing of current endorsements by Texans for Fiscal Responsibility can be found at

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TJ Fabby Applauds Palmer ISD Decision to Arm Teachers

The push-back against liberal gun control policies continued today as Palmer ISD announced their intention to arm select individuals in their schools.  ”If we can trust teachers to supervise and educate our kids, then we should also be able to trust them to protect our children from those who would do them harm,” Fabby said on Tuesday evening after hearing of the news.  ”While this is definitely a huge step in the right direction, I want every teacher to have the option to arm themselves. I would want my children’s teacher to be armed if a gunman entered their campus.”

Fabby is an outspoken supporter of the right to keep and bear arms. He believes the people can be trusted to own and carry guns. “I would like to see other school districts in our area follow suit with Palmer ISD,” said Fabby.  ”We need to put an end to gun-free zones and empower the people to exercise their 2nd amendment rights if we are serious about protecting our children.”

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Scott Ezzell Endorses T.J. Fabby for State Representative


T.J. Fabby has received the endorsement of Precinct 135 Chair Scott Ezzell  ”There is no one I’d rather have represent me in the Texas legislature than T.J. Fabby,” said Ezzell.  ”He is committed to individual liberty, property rights, the free market, and to government that exists solely to protect these things.”

Scott Ezzell is also a conservative grassroots activist and made a trip to Austin early in the year to support ousting Joe Straus from his position as Speaker of the House.  ”It is an honor to have the endorsement of my friend and fellow conservative activist,” Fabby said.  ”I remember our group from Ellis County being the first in line outside the House Chambers as we were hoping to witness Straus being replaced by a more fair and conservative Speaker.  Sadly, it was not to be, but we had several hours of great fellowship in the meantime.”

We look forward to announcing more endorsements soon! Please tell your friends, family and neighbors to visit so they can learn more about the T.J. Fabby for State Representative Campaign and our vision for a freer, more prosperous Texas.


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Judy Anderson Endorses T.J. Fabby for State Representative


T.J. Fabby has received the endorsement of long-time Precinct 1M Chair Judy Anderson.  ”I supported Mr Fabby in 2012 and I am glad to support him again,” said Anderson.  ”We need more people like T.J. in Austin who will fight for limited government.”

In addition to her precinct chair duties, Judy Anderson has been actively engaged in pushing for a more conservative Republican Party platform at the state level.  ”I’m thankful to have the endorsement of such a conservative leader,” Fabby said.  ”I look forward to working with her in the future on the issues that concern the people of Precinct 1M in Henderson county.”

We look forward to announcing more endorsements soon! Please tell your friends, family and neighbors to visit so they can learn more about the T.J. Fabby for State Representative Campaign and our vision for a freer, more prosperous Texas.


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T. J. Fabby Officially Announces Candidacy for State Representative in House District 10

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                        

Waxahachie, TX – Republican T. J. Fabby has announced his candidacy for State Representative in House District 10.  Fabby is seeking to replace Jim Pitts, who recently announced his retirement from the Texas House.

“The majority of residents across Ellis and Henderson counties support the idea of limited government, and I wholeheartedly agree.  That is why I have spent the past six years of my life working hard as a conservative political activist trying to promote the principles of liberty locally as well as in Austin. I am eager to work for the people of House District 10 to promote these ideas of freedom and prosperity in the Texas House of Representatives,” said Fabby.

Fabby has been active in the Ellis County Republican Party since 2008. In 2009, he helped to found the Ellis County Tea Party movement. In 2010, he served as a delegate to the State Convention for the Republican Party of Texas. In 2012, he again served as a delegate to the State Convention and then went on to serve as an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida alongside Commissioner Paul D. Perry, who has endorsed Fabby for State Representative.  “T. J. Fabby is a champion of liberty,” Perry said, “and I believe he will stand up for the values of the people of House District 10.”

During the 83rd legislative session, Fabby joined with a group of conservatives to author a bill that would have protected Texas taxpayers from the taxes and penalties associated with Obamacare.  Fabby also traveled to Austin several times during the session to meet with legislators, testify on bills in committee, and support several causes, including the pro life rally during the second special session.

Fabby grew up in Red Oak and has lived in Waxahachie for the past eight years with his wife and two young children.  He owns two small businesses:  Liberty Container and Liberty Tree Service.  He and his family attend

FreedomFellowshipInternationalChurch in Waxahachie.  For more information about T. J. Fabby, visit  To contact Fabby call 972-937-8733 or email him at

# # #

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Commissioner Paul D. Perry Endorses T.J. Fabby for State Representative!

T.J. Fabby has received the endorsement of Ellis County Commissioner Precinct 3, Paul D. Perry. “T. J. Fabby is a champion of liberty,” Perry said, “and I believe he will stand up for the values of the people of House District 10.”

Commissioner Perry was elected in 2012 and has already made a name for himself on the Commissioners Court as one who will vote alone if he is voting on principle. Perry is also a former Ellis County Justice of the Peace, delegate to the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, and 2008 candidate for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

Paul D. Perry

Commissioner Paul Perry speaking about the importance of sending T. J. Fabby to Austin

“Commissioner Perry is a strong conservative who has proven himself to be a man for the people as he has fought for transparency, fiscal responsibility, and a more efficient county government. I am honored to have his endorsement,” T.J. said of the news. “Paul is one who gives me hope. If good men like him can get elected and take on the status quo, then we have hope.”

We look forward to announcing more endorsements soon! Please tell your friends, family and neighbors to visit so they can learn more about the T.J. Fabby for State Representative Campaign and our vision for a freer, more prosperous Texas.

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The Texas Liberty Banquet was a Success!

On August 16th supporters of the T. J. Fabby campaign for state representative came together for the Texas Liberty Banquet and it was a great success.  To everyone who attended and/or contributed, this campaign would like to extend a Texas sized thank you!  Below are some pictures from the event.  Enjoy!

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Reserve Your Seats Now! The Texas Liberty Banquet!

Please join us for The Texas Liberty Banquet: A Fundraiser for Freedom
All proceeds go to our campaign.
TicketWhen? Friday, August 16th at 6:30pm
Where? Waxahachie Civic Center

Tickets: $60 per person/$100 per couple
Must pay in advance.

Live entertainment, full course gourmet meal, guest speakers, and live auction

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Criminal Government: More Laws for Us, Less Laws for Them

The truth is that everyone in this administration should be behind bars or worse.

Are you beginning to notice a trend in government? They are increasingly getting away with breaking the law while creating more laws to restrain the public. If you or I were to tap someones phone or hack their email and get caught we would face jail time and fines. If we were trafficking weapons to Mexican cartels we would likely be locked away for life. If we were caught arming groups like Al Qaeda we could now be killed by a drone without any due process. Yes, there would be a heavy price to pay if you or I did any of these things, but our government is doing all of these things and nobody is answering for it. Congress will not hold this administration accountable and when certain members do speak out they are quickly scolded by the slimy spineless fake republicans like John McCain and Lindsey Graham who are all too often left defending the actions of this insane criminal regime. The federal government is completely out of control and we are on course that will not bode well for our children and grandchildren.

Meanwhile, state lawmakers are happy to pass the largest budget in state history while continuing to grow government, further reduce transparency while pretending to support transparency, and do very little to stand up to the federal government. Like the criminal government in DC is doing to America, the “good ol’ boy” system that controls Austin is eroding away at what made Texas great:  freedom. While our state debt grows and our savings shrink, the dream of true property rights slips further away. There are some new lawmakers in Austin who are trying to restore responsible government, but they need help and they need seasoned lawmakers to be replaced. The RINO’s in the House leadership only stand in the way of true reform. They are all about business as usual.

Electing enough new, truly conservative lawmakers to the Texas legislature to really start reducing spending, shrinking bureaucracy, and asserting our State Sovereignty is very possible, but it becomes much more possible with each person who gets involved. Please consider helping us stop the insanity by volunteering or contributing to our campaign.

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Liberty: It’s God-Given

Patrick Henry

It is my belief that God wants people to be free. He could have created us with no choice but to love and serve Him, but he knew that our love for Him would be worthless unless we actually chose to love Him. So, He created us in His likeness, with free will, and He knew that some of us would choose to love Him and some would choose otherwise. We were bound by only one thing, sin, and He wanted us to be free so much that He sent His only Son to set us free from sin. It is not by our own deeds, but by the blood of Jesus Christ that we are set free from sin. If this does not make it clear to someone that God wants us to be free…I’m not sure anything will.

This is a huge part of why I fight for Liberty. Just as God wants us as His children to be free from bondage, I want my children to be free from bondage to anyone or anything.

In America, a nation where freedom and liberty once thrived, we are now becoming enslaved to our government. They are burying us in debt, which is a form of slavery. They are creating more laws and agencies which are designed to infringe on our rights, and they actively work against the best interests of the people. Our government is so out of control that I sometimes wonder if it is too far gone. I have doubts that we can repair the damage, but I cannot give up. If our forefathers believed in this God-given Liberty enough to die for it, then I must be able to muster up the courage and will power to stand against this government.
As Patrick Henry said, “The price of Freedom is eternal vigilance”, so I must be vigilant if I want my children to live free. I ask that you join me in this fight to restore Liberty to the current generation and guarantee it for future generations. I ask for your prayers, your encouragement, your monetary help, and your effort. There is a revolution brewing in this nation. It’s not an armed revolution, but rather a revolution of ideas and a re-awakening to the ideas our country and our state were founded upon. Our kids can experience true freedom…if we give it to them. If not us, who? If not now, when? Please join with me today!

Help me fight for our God-given rights in Austin! Volunteer or donate today!

In Liberty,

T.J. Fabby

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The Importance of State Sovereignty

Texas Gadsden

Texas Sovereignty

When the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution, was passed by the first United States Congress in 1789, the states had only been free from the British crown for a few years. They were in no way ready or willing to permanently bind themselves to a central government without having the legal means to assert their sovereignty. Even though the 10th Amendment was the last issue addressed in the Bill of Rights, it was no less important to the states. Continue reading

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Our Liberty Teeth

free people“A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

These clear and concise words were written 222 years ago and introduced by James Madison to the 1st United States Congress along with nine other constitutional amendments known as the Bill of Rights. Before they would vote to ratify the Constitution, Anti-Federalists insisted that these amendments be added to it because they felt that the Constitution gave too much power to the federal government and they wanted to make sure that the unalienable rights of the people and the states were protected. Continue reading

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Don’t Tax Me, Bro!

There is no such thing as a good tax because all taxes take money from the people and give it to the government. However some taxes are necessary and only a few taxes adhere to the principles of sound taxation. These principles include: adequacy, transparency, efficiency, and simplicity. In Texas, there are several taxes which violate these principles. Continue reading

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Our First Right

The tiny hand of an innocent life

The tiny hand of an innocent life

The first right endowed to each of us by our Creator is life, therefore it is the first right we should defend. I am pro-life because the alternative is to be pro-death. I believe abortion is the most tragic failure of our otherwise civil society. What kind of society stands idly by while the most innocent of its members are killed on a daily basis? If we cannot defend innocent life, how can we defend liberty and property? How can so many people support abortion when it targets the unborn, the most innocent people in our society? I think part of the problem is that people just don’t think very deeply about the issue. Continue reading

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